Christmas Countdown November 25 2014

Christmas is fast approaching and I could not be more unprepared! I don’t know what to buy anyone! Except Jonah, we’ve decided to get Jonah a small fish tank for his bedroom. He loves the one at my parent’s house and spends a lot of time on his tip toes peeking in! We’ve decided to go tropical and get a couple of nemos! Although I do have a scary vision of water seeping through the carpet and him innocently saying ‘uh oh’ we’ll see I guess! I have been busy working on pressed flower gifts though, I’ve gone for phone cases of course but have also been working on some decorative this space! I did have a lovely little trip to Bristol with my parents (Jonah free) so managed to get a couple of stocking fillers!

I’ve been busy trying to get the house in order! I’ve recently become addicted to ‘the great interior design challenge’ which is even on as I type! Thanks to this we decided to give our bedroom a bit of a face lift. It’s always been the last room we worry about so it deffo needed some tlc! My living room has also had a deep clean and been decluttered of all the toys/books ready for the Christmas decorations (excited squeal)

One thing i am fully prepared for and raring to go is our staff Christmas party! I can’t bloody wait! We are going for a lovely meal and everyone gets dressed up! My outfit has been purchased and is patiently waiting in my wardrobe! And yet again my secret Santa gift is my first Christmas purchase and is wrapped and ready to go!!

On an exciting phone case note, we sold our first case in the U.S!! In California no less!