Bye Bye October November 08 2014

So October seems to have gone by in a bit of a blur! I’ve been pretty busy with orders which is amazing and also been looking into other products, we had a lovely visit from some of my family including my nutter cousin Amber, not to mention Halloween and bonfire night!

Let’s start with our new products. I am now pleased to say we offer some lovely ipad cases, with more designs/models to come! They are sooo fun to make as there’s so much more space to fill! I can’t wait for my delivery of more blank cases to get cracking on some new designs! Watch this space!

Next my lovely aunty, uncle and their two girls visited us for a few days all the way from the north east! It feels like a lifetime since we saw them last. I was amazed at how much Ami (the elder girl) had grown, she now towers above me (although I am short) Jonah was entertained to no end with Amber, she’s full of energy and he just thinks she’s hilarious!


Halloween was good fun too! We decided to hold off taking Jonah trick or treating for just one more year. I really don’t think he’d tolerate knocking on people’s door and then waiting for them to answer. He would 100% be off running down the road. We did however decorate the house and welcome trick or treaters! Each time the door rang Jonah legged it to the door (dressed as a skeleton) to hand out sweets! And i cooked a lovely winter soup that hoooorah Jonah demolished!



Bonfire night has been a weekend event this year! We went to two sets of fireworks. The first on the castle green which was lovely as all of Jonahs little mates were there! He wanted to run around a lot which is where i realized my rooky mistake, id dressed him all in black which made him invisible in a pitch black field! My friend Rosie came to the rescue though and we tied a very flashy glow stick to him! Haha! The second fireworks we went to were FREE and amazing, we went with josh’s brother, cousin and his girlfriend and it was soo lovely, Jonah was a bit sleepy so really cuddly (which i just love) he made his way round us all for a “carry” and slept like a log when we got home!