Party and Poo October 24 2014

Time to write about the big man’s party! He had the best time. On his actual birthday we had a very chilled out day, he had presents from us in the morning including a balance bike, which of course he’s not too keen on! We hung around at home and then his grandma (my mum) threw a spur of the moment party tea as it turned out my brother wouldn’t make his party. It was lovely, cake, cake and more cake. He had a visit from his other Nanna and aunty complete with gorgeous prezzies! It was a lovely day! He rounded off turning two with pooing on my lap, an actual poo on my actual lap!

Then came the main event! We hired out a skittle alley in a pub in town! It was perfect, i threw up a few decorations, Josh blew up some balloons and we were good to go! Jonah had a lovely little tantrum just in time for his first guests arriving! Then as at all kids parties chaos erupted! Kids everywhere, balloons popping, cakes scoffed, but it was the best, he got so many gorgeous presents from his lovely friends (and their mummies)

We finished off the party with of course another tantrum and then he slept for the rest of the afternoon. Thankfully, because i was cream crackered!