Autumn October 24 2014

Well the past few weeks have been hectic to say the least! Me and Jonah have been busy collecting beautiful autumn leaves for some seasonal cases! Collecting them has been lots of fun, but trying to set them onto cases has been pretty tricky. I’ve thrown a lot away, but I will not be beaten! We did have a very good selling week too which meant he got to play postman! (Anything to keep him busy)

We are still powering through potty training, after a day nappy free and no accidents, of course I took straight to Facebook to brag my bum off!! I may have jumped the gun slightly! That evening in front of me and his dad he ripped his ‘wee wee chart’ off the wall, squatted down and urinated all over it.....think he may be trying to tell me something!

Next we had Jonahs party to prep for! They have just opened a Tiger store in Hereford and I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m just obsessed! I managed to buy all of the bits for the kiddos party bags for less than £10, including temporary watch tattoos (possibly a little inappropriate for toddlers, but I couldn’t resist).