Rain Rain Go Away October 09 2014

I think it’s safe to say autumn has well and truly set in! Gone are lovely warm afternoon walks and hours spent in the park, it’s time to start wracking my brain for fun, stimulating indoor activities to keep Jonah from climbing the walls! I have taken the opportunity to get serious about potty training! (a little earlier than planned, but a silver lining to being stuck indoors) i don’t want to jinx myself but so far it’s going pretty good. He has gotten the hang of shouting (at the top of his lungs) “wee weee” when he has to go. He runs over and plonks himself on his potty! The only set back we seem to be having is he is that excited to see the fruits of his labour that he stands up (mid business) to have a look! Hopefully the excitement will wear off a bit!

Another way to pass this miserable weather is to finally address and post our save the date cards! EEeeeee! I knew I’d always wanted these gorgeous wedding stationary sets by rifle paper co. They are gorgeous! Completely personalized and hand sketched, however our budget would not stretch as far! Luckily i have a very talented friend Sasha, who is soooo good and drawing. I gave her an idea of what i wanted and she came up with something even better! I couldn’t be happier! Ill post a picture once they have all been sent out!

On a final note one thing this time of year does provide is amazing colours! I love the reds and oranges you can see on any walk! As soon as the rain holds off for long enough, me and Jonah are going leaf collecting with plans for some lovely autumnal phone cases!