a week of tantrums September 30 2014

So this week has been one mad blur of tantrum after tantrum!!! We are well and truly in the thick of terrible twos (with two weeks left until he actually turns two). The mornings are soooo lovely, Jonah wakes up so happy to see me, all smiley and sleepy! We have breakfast, get dressed and then it’s all downhill from there. The slightest thing seems to start him off, it can be frustration with a toy, not the right food, wanting to walk, wanting to be carried, dropping something, not wanting socks on....anything! I’m told it’s a phase, it will pass......when?!?! The hardest part is knowing how to react to it. Do you cuddle him, give him what he wants or just ignore him? I genuinely found myself just looking at my audience of other mums at gym tots just wanting one of them to tell me im doing the right thing!

On a plus side we did have a crack at potty training with a successful two wee wees in the potty! Which was just beyond hilarious! His reaction to actually seeing himself wee was too funny! It cancelled out all the crazy tantrums we had previously! (Well at least an hour before the gruffalo dvd finished and he just flipped out)

On a more phone case note, i sent off a phone case to one of my favourite bloggers, Kate Howson (katethisiswhatido) She was lovely enough to upload a picture of her new case to instagram, which instantly gained me a few more followers and orders! Yaaay!