Busy, Busy, Busy September 25 2014

So, I have had a mega busy couple of weeks, which has left me with no time to keep this blog up to date but so much to blog about!

It turns out that the Rock The Farm festival wasn’t just a boozy jolly, but a massive opportunity to get my cases read about. My boyfriend introduced me to one of his friends, girlfriends Jess who happened to be a writer for our local newspaper!! The next day she emailed me asking if she could write a feature!

I was beyond excited and of course said yes! She sent a photographer to my house to take a few pictures, which was slightly awkward (I hate hate hate having my picture taken). The picture didn’t turn out too bad, still a little embarrassing. The article went straight up online and led to lots of orders! Yaaaaay! It was then actually printed in an actual newspaper the following week! Im more than chuffed! Ive cut it out and will probably keep it forever!