Rock The Farm September 08 2014

We took Jonah to his first ever mini festival! I had entered a competition to win 4 adult tickets to Rock the Farm festival in our home town! I didn’t win but our friend Tom did! Hooray! It was more of an industry thing for food and alcohol vendors (this was the first time it had ever been open to the public) but still a good laugh non the less! I did try marmalade chase vodka for the first time ever, so yummy!

So we decided it would be a good opportunity to test the waters with Jonah at a festival, it was either going to be great and loads of fun for him, or it was going to be too loud and he’d hate everything.....luckily he loved it! He was mesmerized by live music! He danced even if no one else was!


We had some lovely bits to eat for tea and got him ready for bed in the car, warmed up his milk, popped him into his pushchair and carried on walking round the festival and much to my surprise he just hung out, happy to watch it all go by! I was designated driver so drove him back to my mums where he spent the night while me and his dad drove back for a cheeky few drinks with our friends!