Terrible twos September 04 2014

So, one of my most favourite things to do on a slow Sunday is take a trip to IKEA. Me and josh have been countless times, taking nice leisurely walks around the room setups, picking out our dream sofa, stopping for a nice bit of lunch and spending money on pretty prints, bed sheets and that cushion cover I could just not live without!















Well this time we went with a purpose, to buy Jonah a toddler bed (he can now scale the side of his cot) I was full of optimism! Jonah would be well behaved, eat his lunch and maybe even pick out his own new sheets......I was a fool!

From the word go he hated it! He didn’t want to walk, didn’t want to be carried, didn’t want to go in the trolley all he wanted to do was RUN! As fast as he could and as far away from me and his dad as possible. He kicked and screamed when I tried to put him in a highchair, which resulted in lunch for no one! I had no time to test out the sofas, no time to pick out some new frames i didn’t even pick up a catalogue! We did however pick a bed and some bedding for all of us! Oh and i did grab a couple of plants while Jonah scoffed a milky bar!


Thankfully he loved the sheets we grabbed in a panic!