Green Man August 22 2014


Im back from the green man festival, ah it was sooo good! We had the best time with our friends, it really is the nicest atmosphere and the best festival for young families. I 100% recommend taking your children there! We did go child free this year so we could really let our hair down, but just seeing all the little babes running round chasing bubbles or being pulled along in little red carts really made me long for jonah!



The highlights for me were being with my friends solidly for four days, we don’t see them all as much as we used to so this time was precious, another was having my hair washed by a hippie bloke camping next to us with his family (amazing hang over cure), annie maes mac and cheese, revisiting the spot we got engaged and of course singing my little heart out to First Aid Kit!

We weren’t the only ones having fun! Jonah spent the weekend and my grandparents house at the seaside  with my parents. They kept us updated with pictures of walking on the beach, telescopes and eating ice creams.