first blog August 12 2014

So here we are my first ever blog post!

Where to start?? This week has one of my most exciting yet! After orders for phone cases were coming in thick and fast I decided it was time to bite the bullet and set up a selling page! As an added bonus this one comes with a blog section, here I can hopefully keep you updated with upcoming discounts/competitions and also document the things I manage to squeeze in around making my cases.

As I said the past few days have been a blur of html coding, uploading photos and writing an introduction, but luckily my friend Anna was happy to be roped in to help me! I literally didn’t know where to start! Between us we took it in turns to stare at the laptop while the other entertained my bored to tears son Jonah



Another exciting thing I've been busy preparing myself for is Green Man Festival! we go on Thursday morning and I cannot wait! we've both agreed it will be the last festival we go to child free! so we intend to make the most of it!

I spent a couple of hours yesterday stressing out and throwing the contents of my wardrobe all over my bedroom! after much deliberation I think I might have settled on my festival wardrobe!

tomorrow is the food and booze run and then all that's left is load up the car, pick up some friends and hit the road!! woooooo!